The Oxy Brillo Range

A culinary revolution, five years in development.
Discover the incredible new non-stick material that’s guaranteed to keep you slippery.

Welcome to Steeles® Pots & Pans

SteelesĀ® Pots & Pans is internationally recognised as a leader in the cut-throat pots and pans industry. We turned the market on its head with the introduction of our revolutionary Oxy Brillo range of cookware, forging our own path into an undoubtably bleak future.

“Where others lead, we follow.”


Still the undisputed king of cookware, our Hydro-Flash range fuses modern technology with timeless style. Forged from an iron like material similar to that used for the rivets on the Titanic, our grill pans and casserole dishes are perfect for catering for orgies of any size.


When you think of hardwearing, versatile cooking materials you probably wouldn’t think of tin, but our patented Fusion process reinforces the metal to an incredible strength. Try one for yourself – just look under your seat!